Joan Furia Klutch

Joan’s work has evolved from a very traditional high key palette style to a more expressionist palette, abstracting the essence of natures shapes, colors, and lines. Combinations of vibrancy in watermedia textures partnered with collage. The harmonizing of many techniques in her work helps to express emotion, which slowly evolves as a poetic visual language.

As an experienced painter, printmaker, sculpture and teacher, Joan Furia Klutch A.W.S. has developed a unique career. In the last decade Joan has introduced ceramic sculpture into her versatile portfolio of skills. Predominantly, her work displays elements of abstract expressionism and contemporary design.

As a native of Long Island, New York, she has earned merit scholarships and credentials from the National Academy of Design, Pratt Graphics Center, the Art Students League, and received her Bachelors of Fine Arts degree from Long Island University, Southampton, with the distinct honor of Magna Cum Laude.

Joan is a Signature Member of the American Watercolor Society, Vice President of the Florida Artist Group, and Southwest Arts Council. She has received awards and recognition through participation in both national and local juried exhibitions.

The paintings of award-winning artist Joan Furia Klutch have been exhibited at solo and group exhibitions, galleries and museums throughout the United States, including:

American Watercolor Society, New York, NY 

Artist Alliance of East Hampton, New York, NY 

Art League of Long Island, Huntington, NY

Florida Artist Group, FL

Parrish Art Museum, Southampton, NY

Clay Guild of the Hamptons, Watermill, NY

Art Council of Southwest Florida, FL

Captiva Island Yacht Club, FL

National League of American Penn Women, Washington DC 

National Academy Galleries, New York, NY 

Salmagundi Club, New York, NY

National Arts Club, New York, NY 

Watermill Museum, Watermill, NY

Owensboro Museum of Fine Arts, New York, NY

Daytona Florida Arts & Science Museum, FL

Leeper Rattner Museum, Tarpon Springs, FL

Selby Gallery, Sarasota, FL

Loveland Museum & Gallery, Loveland, CO

Arnot Museum, Elmira, NY

BIG ARTS, Sanibel Island, FL

Joan’s work is in numerous private and corporate collections, including American Airlines at the Miami International Airport, Merchants Corporation in Boston and Cognizant Corporation in Westport, Connecticut. Joan Furia Klutch presently holds workshops in private studios located in New York and Florida, and teaches by invitation at various academic art centers.


Credentials & Awards

Signature Member of the American Watercolor Society
Merit scholarship - National Academy School of Fine Arts-.
Magna cum laude graduate, Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at Long Island University. Graduated 1982
Presidential Merit Scholarship, Long Island University.
National Academy of Design, Pratt Graphic Center for postgraduate program.
Guest artist teacher at Parrish Art Museum,.
Master Art Workshop coordinator, Long Island University.
Watercolor painting adjunct professor, faculty member of Long Island University, Southampton.



Long Island University / Bachelor of Fine Arts, Magna Cum Laude
Graduated in 1982, SOUTHAMPTON, NY

National Academy of Fine Arts / Certificate 
1974-78, NEW YORK NY

Art Students League / Life Member 

Pratt Graphic Center / Post Graduate 

Artist Statement 

My lifetime of art practice has been a journey of exploring the history, the process of the painter, and impact of contemporary artists. I started as a traditionalist, but always an experimental painter. I work in a variety of mediums such as watercolor and acrylic, then expanding to include mix media and collage. I aspire to engage viewers in the composition through a lost-and found appearance that connects and separates them from a moment in time. As a watercolorist I was attempting to capture illusions of nature, as a poet create in verse. Allowing the viewer to be inspired and stimulated by the spontaneous intuitive mark-making. My process involves layering of color, and gestural line reminiscent of the ebb and flow of life. Using elements of design, colors, and variety of surfaces to create new and contemporary textures. In my early career, inspiration came from a variety of contemporary artists; such as O’Keefe, Frankenthaler, Rauschenberg, Diebenkorn, Rothko, and Albers. Their techniques are a major influence for my early and current works. The layering process with veils of color to develop luminosity became an interest of mine. Understanding, visually, the harmonious relationships produced through color interaction.

In terms of composition, the use of space hierarchically, where the most significant elements take precedence by position rather than perspective. Using gestural calligraphic line becomes an improvisational combination of materials and movement by the artist onto a given surface. This creates abstract relationships between ambiguous backgrounds, and undulating forms. I work with color and shape to invent the new forms present in those relationships. With delicate, ever-changing line and color, I strive to communicate my unique visual poetic language.

The excitement of creating works of art is in the process; the act of painting, where the result is unknown until the process is complete. As a painter I am an explorer. Observing ways to capture the glimpses and illusions presented in nature. I invite the viewer to move into the space and enjoy the color and sometimes mystical atmosphere that generates emotional responses.


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